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Dexatek Technology is a leading global player in designing, manufacturing and marketing IoT products, multimedia, Mobile TV receiver, Capturing device and consumer electronic products.  Dexatek Technology’s mission has always been – adopting the advanced technology incorporated with concepts of good quality, good design and easy to use to develop innovative products worldwide at affordable prices.



Founded in 2003 , we have reached meaningful significant milestones:


  • First Andorid on TV product - enable users to watch digital TV on Android phone / tablet

  • First iOS on TV product – enable users to watch digital TV on iPhone / iPad

  • First Mobile device for ATSCMH – first USA ATSCMH mobile TV receiving adaptor

  • Leading on TV card / USB dongle innovation development and market share

  • Leading on capture devices innovation development and market share


Dexatek Technology is committed to enriching entertainment experiences and promoting effective communication among people. We are proud of what we have accomplished and we believe that there will be much more that we will reach in coming future.

About Dexatek

Our Story

About Dexatek
Best Solution Partner

We provide comprehensive smart home products including smart gateway, smart plug, door/window sensor, smart bulb, and weather sensor.
Range from hardware design, manufacturing, software to cloud services, To make life easier, simpler, and better

Experienced in HW/Quality Assurance


Dexatek provides a variety of products with innovative technology and customize outfit.

We have our own production quality control team to ensure that we deliver to customer with superb experience.

Expertise in Every Field


We design and manufacture including IoT related products, multimedia, mobile TV receiver, capturing device and consumer electronic products.


Expertise in Every Field
Experienced in HW/Quality Assurance
Best Solution Partner
Our Partner


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