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Factory Energy Management System

Enhance Operational Efficiency


Standard & Certification


AWS FTR  (Foundational Technical Review) – Best Security and Efficiency with AWS FTR Certification.​

Business Problem

Although some factories have automated equipment, they still have some distance to go before becoming smart factories. Manual energy management is costly and poses safety concerns, making accidents more likely. When manual energy management is less efficient than expected, production delays are also more likely.

Energy Efficiency

Accurately measure electricity usage, reduce energy waste, and improve energy efficiency.

Data Analysis

Instantly identify energy consumption, assist industries in understanding and optimizing the charging process, and further enhance efficiency.


The intelligent integration of equipment and equipment enhances the automation and collaboration of the operating field. In addition to reducing the energy costs added by human errors such as forgetting to turn off equipment, it also creates intelligent processes when combined with existing automated production lines, upgrading to a smart factory!

Dexatek Factory Energy Management System solutions include:

AWS FTR (Foundational Technical Review)



Wireless Smart Meter Din Type

It can monitor the total power consumption changes of the entire field in real-time, and with other area-specific smart devices, quickly respond to any power abnormality, ensuring the continuous operation of the production line.

Wireless Universal Gateway

Capable of processing over millions of data entries daily, with a coverage range of 100 meters that surpasses industry standards. Combined with the latest Thread wireless technology, it achieves rapid device-to-device connections, creating a decentralized IoT environment.


Wireless Smart Meter 300A

Real-time monitoring of energy consumption of machines in the factory, accurately recording the current and voltage data of each device. Precise monitoring of system operation, maintaining a constant environmental temperature, while optimizing energy use.

Wireless Smart Meter 120A

Adopting non-invasive current measurement technology, no need to modify existing equipment, quick installation, only requires USB power to operate, transforming small appliances into smart devices, especially suitable for space-limited areas.


Wireless Smart Control Switch

Full automation will be implemented in various devices and office spaces (lighting, power supply, security systems, air conditioning, etc.). Additionally, through an external control box, immediate responses can be made when the equipment exceeds the set alert value.

Energy Monitoring System APP

New AI technology, AWS FTR (Foundational Technical Review) certified, top-tier security & efficiency guaranteed, intuitive data presentation, diverse real-time message push methods (Line, SMS, and APP push), ensuring you don't miss any critical information.


Other Solutions


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No matter what your goal is – to enhance service efficiency, to reduce carbon emission, to decreace energy consumption rate.etc. Dexatek has been providing professional and quality service.

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