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Audio System
Base on wifi UpnP technology as well as Airplay with highly integrated Application for iOS and Android.


From system development up to application to tailor your needs


SmartHome System
Available BLE/Wifi based SmartHome system for quick product to market delivery and customisation to tailor your needs.

Software/APP Service


BLE Gadget

Variety of available BLE base products and custom made product from FW to Application to fulfil your needs.

Our Sw department consist of App UI/UX design team, iOS/Android/Web development team, system design team including FW and driver development, and server team including DB and cloud service infrastructure/application development. We can provide services from single product design up to sophisticated system such as SmartHome. Please refer to our BLE gadget product section and SigmaCasa our SmartHome solution for better understanding of what we can offer.

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