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Variety of BLE based products include LED light, environmental sensor and surveillance related sensors. Users can choose what they need to build their own smart home


Smart Home/iOT

Smart Home/iOT Service


Android/iOS/Web supported. With stylish and user-friendly UI/UX design, home automation control can be easy, fun and enjoyable not an extra burden to users’ daily life

Cloud Service

Advanced features such as push notification, scheduling, conditional statement for communication between products, electricity bill calculation are managed by the cloud service. With cloud service, users are able to control smart home devices when being away from home.

Smart Home/iOT Service

Dexatek Smart Home ecosystem - ΣCasa consists of products, Apps and cloud services. It is a complete and sophisticated system that integrate from hardware, firmware/driver, software/Apps and cloud server vertically. As an experienced ODM/OEM company, we design and develop all above as well as ID, mechanism, and UI/UX in house to provide customers a total solution for stepping into the market of Smart Home quickly.

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