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Smart Thermostat


  • Individual heating program can be set for each day

  • 8 individually programmable switch points per day

  • Up to 30% less heating cots

  • Nearly noiseless gear

  • Adjusting wheel for manually changing the room temperature

  • Heating and economy times and temperature can be set via menus

  •  Goes easy on valves with ET valve-protection

  •  "Window open" detection

  • Anti-freeze funktion

  • Child safety feature

  • Timer function

  •  Limescale protection function

  • Holiday times can be set separately

  • Eight switching points can be set per day

  • Fits on many well-known valve bodies (e.g. Heimeier, Danfoss, Honeywell Braukmann, Honeywell MNG, Oventrop from around 1996, etc.)

  • Easy to install due to the snap-on-adapter, no need for tools and no dirt

  • ΣCasa JobLink supported



Smart Thermostat

Smart PM2.5 Combo Sensor
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