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Smart Motion Sensor

Smart Motion Sensor


  • Built-in PYRO Electric Infrared sensor for accurate motion detection

  • Battery inside and battery life is up to one year (TBD)

  • Tamper protection - Built in G-sensor will detect any change or moving of the sensor

  • Adjustable sensitivity - Users can adjust sensitivity for different occasions

  • Send Notification - User get's notified via notification when there is movement and when user exit/entering a region. (TBD)

  • Smart Link - Users can pre-program various linkage with other Casa devices based on 2 major cases:

    • 1) IF motion is detected, THEN some specific events will be activated

    • 2) IF NO motion is detected for few minuets, THEN some specific events will be activated

    • ✴ SUB IF - Users can pre-program that some specific events will be activated when

  • IF/IF NO motion is detected and one particular event happens simultaneously(TBD)

  • Easy and quick installation, no wiring needed

  • Free Android and iOS Apps supported

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