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HomeKit Secure Video

At present, most smart cameras send images to the manufacturer's cloud server for further image analysis, to see if suspicious behavior of strangers or any movement in the photography screen is detected, and then analyze The results are passed back to the user. Unfortunately, this completely exposes personal privacy to the manufacturers of smart cameras.
Therefore, HomeKit Secure Video provides a more secure way for users to manage the images captured by the camera. When using this service, the images will be transmitted to HomeKit's Smart Hub (iPad, HomePod or Apple TV) for analysis before being encrypted and uploaded to iCould storage; this is different from traditional cameras uploading videos directly to the manufacturer There is a risk of personal privacy exposure for cloud server analysis.

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Home camera

With the development of the Internet world and the booming development of IoT, smart homes have become an emerging market. From sensors, smart switches, and home audio and video, all of them have joined the big family one by one. Inevitably, security monitoring It has become the most important part of this. No matter it is the traditional security control industry or the start-up company, they all want to occupy a place in this market. Therefore, home cameras have become popular stars.

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Why HomeKit

APP Operation screen

Video recording screen

At present, the three largest smart home systems in the world are Amazon, Google and Apple, and Homekit is a smart home system launched by Apple. Compared with the other two major companies, despite the slow start, Apple is better at designing high-quality system services. Apple not only designed a fairly complete human-machine interface for accessories, but also reduced the cost and threshold for many system development for suppliers. Apple introduced a set of Homekit Secure Video services for home surveillance. The purpose is to provide a more secure way for users to transfer and store images.

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It has three major advantages:
1. Security:
Home cameras were hacked, and news about user privacy was violated. HomeKit provides a set of secure transmission confidentiality mechanisms. He ensures that even if the transmission is monitored, the encryption cannot be cracked. And through the management of the smart hub, it also provides a strong protective wall to prevent hackers from directly invading the home system.
2. Home App: 
The Home App is an Apple-developed app that manages all MFi-certified accessories. As long as the system is an iPhone with iOS 10 or later, it can be used free of charge. Apple has also added image recognition and secure recording functions after iOS13. , For the use of home cameras, provides more advanced services. These designs make the Home App almost satisfy the usage scenarios of most users. Especially through Apple ’s big data analysis, the smart center (AppleTV, HomePod ..) can more accurately identify portraits, cars and animals for users, avoiding errors Event notifications, and suppliers don’t have to worry about the identification system, nor do they need to worry about the development of the app.
3. iCloud storage:
iCloud can store images of events for users. In addition to high security, users do not need to purchase storage devices, and suppliers can save development and maintenance costs of cloud systems and network transmission costs.

Easy Setu

Easy Setup

Remotely Control

Siri Integration

Siri Integratin

Remotely Control 

Secure Pairing

Secure Pairing

IoT Module

IoT Module

Based on Bluetooth 5.0 Smart

Based on Bluetooth 5.0
Low power consumption and energy efficient

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About Dexatek

Dexatek provides a series of smart home accessories based on HomeKit. Dexatek HomeKit Camera is a high cost-effective FHD high-definition home camera designed by Dexatek for HomeKit. It is not only compatible with HomeKit specifications, but also MFi certified. After WWDC announced the HomeKit Secure Video service in May, Dexatek's first smart camera supporting this service.

Our Service

Firmware development:
Dexatek has a series of HomeKit-related products. In addition to our R & D team's extensive experience in the development of HomeKit accessories, at the same time, strong R & D capabilities can be based on HomeKit's standard functions and add different value-added products features.

Hardware design / institution:
Dexatek offers a wide range of products with innovative technology and custom clothing.
We design and manufacture products including IoT, multimedia, mobile TV receivers, capture devices and consumer electronics.

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