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Home Automation

ΣCASA is an intelligent ecosystem installed in home to bring convenience, comfort and safety to your daily life. On the basis of low power consumption wireless technology - Bluetooth 5.0,

ΣCASA products is also designed as the devices to assist you in saving energy and money.


In order to meet various requirement, we provide variety of BLE based products including LED light, environmental sensor and surveillance related sensors. You can choose what you need to build your own home automation system.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

Googl Home

Google Home

Based on Bluetooth 5.0 Smart

Based on Bluetooth 5.0
Low power consumption and energy efficient

IoT Module

IoT Module

Variety of peripherals to ft your needs

Variety of peripherals

to fit your needs

Easy installation

Easy installation

don't require renovation to your home

Remote Control available

Remote control


JobLink system

JobLink system

make connection

between peripherals

Strong security mechanism to protect your privacy

Strong security mechanism

to protect your privacy

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