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Build Smart Home IoT with Dexatek Bluetooth Modules and VS Code

How to install, setup and use VS Code for Nordic NCS SDK software development for Dexatek bluetooth / Thread module, used in 2.4GHz smart home, and IoT network.

The nRF Connect for VS Code lets you develop, build and debug the ble bluetooth and mesh network applications based on the nRF Connect SDK using the Visual Studio Code Integrated Development Environment (VS Code IDE).


1), Download and Install the nRF Command Line Tool from

2), Download and install the Visual Studio Code from

3), Install the nordic nRF Connect extension for VS Code

4), Manage the tool chain and SDK version :

        The installed NCS SDK and tool chain will be listed for user to set it for VS Code.

5), To open a project for development : 

Nordic nRF Connect SDK , Nordic sample code directory (Mac OS as an example)


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