AWS IoT  Core

Challenges: IoT is Complex, Costly and Time-Consuming

Across the industry of IoT, security, bandwidth, customer expectations and connectivity are major challenges from hardware, firmware, cloud to mobile applications, all of these factors are pushing them towards the edge. Our Customer, a Home Appliance manufacturer wants to build a platform that enables end-users to control home appliances through mobile apps at an extremely rapid pace. Building the entire ecosystem would take countless hours and dollars. We at Dexatek have developed a generic module, cloud service, and mobile application on Android & iOS to overcome all of these challenges.


Dexatek offers

  • Device: AWS IoT Core connectivity-ready modules that were certified by Wi-Fi Alliance and AWS, and it supports UART, I2C, GPIO, PWM control and verification purposes. 

  • Cloud: Cloud structure is powered by AWS Serverless infrastructure that allows millions of stable and low-latency connections concurrently. 

  • Mobile Applications: intuitive and user-friendly mobile applications in both Android and IOS.


Manufacturers are able to do a live demo by purchasing Dexatek’s module and to get your project functioning within 3 minutes. You can imagine how fast it can be to be in the market with all the readiness services.


Solution: Dexatek’s Serverless IoT Core Solution with readiness Modules and Apps

Dexatek Technology, a leading global player in designing, manufacturing and marketing IoT products, multimedia, mobile tv receiver, capturing device and consumer electronic products, designed and builts secure, resilient and agile IoT platforms for customers. 


Dexatek designed the system with “Serverless architecture” and built upon Amazon Web Services(AWS). Our solution utilizes AWS IoT Core to connect and exchange messages between end-users and devices. AWS IoT Core is a serverless architecture that can handle billions of devices and trillions of messages, with these services we are comfortable to provide end-user and device steady and low-latency connections to the cloud. 


Security is our top priority, Dexatek integrates with AWS Cognito, IAM, IoT Policy, IoT X.509 Certificate to assure security level, prevent devices and end-users from security threats. Not only this, we apply fine-grained access control, no extra permissions are granted to end-users or devices. API requests and database access may be the bottleneck during peak times, Dexatek uses the characteristics of AWS Lambda and AWS DynamoDB offering end-users great quality of service. 


At Dexatek, we believe that “Time-To-Market” is an important element in marketing. Offering devices with IoT Core ability out-of–the-box and user-friendly mobile apps that help companies to start business right away.


Result: A New Chapter for IoT 

With Dexatek Serverless IoT Solution and readiness Modules and Apps, manufacturers are able to launch the platform that allows millions of stable and low-latency concurrent connections and bring this cloud-connected device to market quickly. With the system designed and implemented in the “Serverless” mindset, customers will pay only what they use, no extra or hidden fees.  End-users are satisfied with the quality and performance of the services, and enjoy the conveniences that IoT brings to life. Together, your organizations, Dexatek and AWS, will bring the IoT industry into a new era.

AWS IOT Module