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AWS IoT  Core

Challenges: Lack of integration between Devices, Cloud and Mobile APP

Across the industry of IoT, security, bandwidth, customer expectations and connectivity are major challenges. From hardware, firmware, cloud to mobile applications, these factors make launching IoT products complicated and time-consuming. A world's leading home appliance manufacturer struggles to provide stable connectivity to end-users and devices. Critical performance issues increase during peak hours, with all these poor integrations, world-leading appliance manufacturers face a serious challenge of delivering high-quality services. Maintenance is also a significant problem for them, as some of the services are developed by outsourcing companies and manufacturers have different modules for every model. With so many challenges to contend with, manufacturers are pushed to the edge.


Solution: Dexatek Solution with readiness Modules and Apps

Dexatek is a one-stop solution provider that offers End-To-End service from Electronic/Mechanic Engineering, Firmware, Cloud, Mobile Apps and Procurement to Production. Dexatek can provide all services to satisfy customers' requests without outsourcing.


Our platform is built with a "Serverless" philosophy, where servers automatically scale based on traffic. This serverless mechanism is powered by AWS IoT Core, Lambda and DynamoDB. We want end-users to have a consistent environment even during peak times. Our solution utilizes AWS IoT Core to connect and exchange messages between end-users and devices. AWS IoT Core is a serverless architecture that can handle billions of devices and trillions of messages, with these services we are comfortable providing end-user and device steady and low-latency connections to the cloud.


Dexatek is able to develop a module compatible with all manufacturer's models, making maintenance much easier. Dexatek developed mobile applications for Android and IOS that integrate seamlessly with cloud and devices, providing instantaneous response time. 


Security is crucial, Dexatek spent countless hours designing, developing, and implementing end-to-end. We integrated with AWS Cognito, X.509 IoT certificates giving the least privilege to every device and end-user and encrypting sensitive data at rest. Furthermore, Dexatek has extensive experience in IoT, collaborating with leading companies bringing the Internet of Things to a whole new level.


Result: A New Chapter for IoT 

With Dexatek Solution, manufacturers are able to launch the platform that allows millions of stable and low-latency concurrent connections and bring this cloud-connected device to market quickly. End-User can smoothly control home appliances from anywhere with Mobile APPs. Integration and stability are no longer an issue for them, there is a massive improvement in response time. With the system designed and implemented in the “Serverless” mindset, customers will pay only what they use, with no extra or hidden fees. Together, Dexatek and AWS bring IoT to a new chapter for customers.

AWS IOT Module

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